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About Vintage Garden Decor

About Through The Garden Gate

Through the Garden Gate was born during the pandemic of 2020. As outdoor spaces became more important than ever before, our desire to personalize those spaces and improve their functionality increased. We have always loved architectural salvage. So it was a natural transition for us to bring some of the same elements that we have used to give character and charm to our indoor spaces outside. All of our items have been personally sourced in our quest to offer fun and unique repurposed, reinvented, and reimagined yard and garden Decor.

Our Vintage Garden Decor Products

Our merchandise categories – Vintage Garden Furniture, Vintage Garden Pots and Planters, Vintage Garden Lighting, Vintage Garden Decor, Vintage garden Tools, and Vertical Gardening – will help you to inject your own personal style into your outdoor spaces. Expand your garden by choosing Vintage Garden Furniture to place in your front yard. Create that romantic, intimate dining area with one-of-a-kind Vintage Garden Lighting. Browse our Vintage Garden Decor and select an item for your landscape or flower bed that makes you smile. No space, no problem! Vertical Gardening may be just the solution for you!
Once you have made a selection, contact us either by phone at 213-287-3728 or by email: to make a purchase.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Fill out our form on our Contact page and tell us what we can find for you. It is our wish for every client to have the garden they envision. We would love to make that happen for you.